Halloween snow?

This October freak snow is getting me in a knitting mood. I’m working on a flutter scarf pattern right now as well as my bird collection. I’ll be publishing shortly!


Raven’s Baby Hat!!

Finally got this typed up!  My computer’s hard drive is really full and I have been working on freeing up space so I can write patterns (sad right!).  I should be getting an external hard drive soon but its taking forever to get here.  For now I have the Raven’s Baby Hat done.  You saw the pics before and here is the pdf!! Raven’s Baby Hat


Computer should finally be working so I can type up some patterns tomorrow. I’m working on a scarf for Christmas gifts next. Hopefully tomorrow will bring another pattern or two posted!


I completed a sewing project today. This reminded me why I love knitting and crocheting so much. I can’t deal with woven fabric!! I hope this leads to more inspiration for my next patterns. I am thinking of getting into a bird theme. This seems particularly appropriate due to my love of ornithology. I can’t live without birds in my life. Let’s see what flies off the needles next!

Football Fun

So I am not a big football fan, or really a fan at all, but at work (Walmart) there are many fans. Recently one of them, Bruce, had a baby girl. Now what do you get for a guy who loves football and has a baby girl?? My Raven’s hat of course!! Now this pattern can be completed in any sports color and is a perfectly cute unisex hat. It isn’t the typical stripes that I find masculine, and includes not one but two pompoms for added cuteness!!

Currently the pattern is written for a newborn size. I will be adding more sizes shortly I just need my older baby models!

As soon as my computer starts working properly again there will be a pdf link to the FREE pattern. Hopefully tomorrow!!

Stay tuned for the next pattern which will be a Baltimore Sports theme too! This time it is my joy of joys toy knitting!


OK I have had some people couldn’t download the pattern as a docx so here is the PDF version!

The Horseshoe Crab Cowl


Ok so I am making this blog to publish my patterns. They will be available here and you can find them on Ravelry.

So about me: I am from a small town in PA and I went to college and have a MS from University College London. While in London I fell in love with knitting. It was my stress relief. I graduated and kept knitting. A year later I don’t have a job in my field (Conservation Politics) but I am still knitting. To keep me occupied and feeling accomplished, I am going to start publishing my patterns. I love making toys and accessories. Anything quick and easy!!

Right now I am starting my christmas list (checking it twice!) and I was reminded of a cowl I made for a friend last year. Here it is the Horseshoe Crab Cowl. I hope you like it! It is a simple buttoned up cowl but can be worn many ways. I have made it pretty flexible in how to finish it and wear it. Have fun with it!!

xx LelaAlison

The Horseshoe Crab Cowl